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Performing the lyrics and music of Devaki Sokaris

We are a husband and wife music duo, weaving folk with pop and a hint of country.

We are not pure to any genre. We prefer not to put ourselves in a tight box. There are many influences in the music, with folk generally being the stronger, but anything can happen. It just depends on the song.

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Each of our tracks has a YouTube video you can watch.

DevaKnighT tracks available so far are:

4 04 - Just Because You’re You 31 Dec 2013 Lyrics YouTube
3 03 - I’ve Been Here Before 30 Oct 2013 Lyrics YouTube
2 02 - Still Waters 27 Sep 2013 Lyrics YouTube
1 01 - Wrong Road Out 9 Sep 2013 Lyrics YouTube

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We will be releasing this album under another barcode. Unfortunately, that requires cancellation of all current distribution arrangements, and creating new ones.

While you may still be able to purchase from some suppliers for a little while, it may take several days or weeks for the album to be available again from those suppliers.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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♥ We prefer CD Baby because we get 91% of what you pay, compared to ~60% for the rest, and they include lossless CD-quality FLAC files, which will play on many Android devices, but you may need a codec to play on a PC.

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