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02 - Still Waters

Words and music by Devaki Sokaris

Still Waters - as performed by DevaKnighT, is americana that goes back to the heart of country, but has influences of folk and bluegrass with modern day lyrics. Released 2013-09-27.

The story is about weathering the storm before the calm where time heals all wounds.

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^ Credits

Basically, it’s still only us.

The various roles were performed by:

Copyright owner (Video, audio and website)©2013 Sokaris Music
Audio and video producersDevaki and Patanjali Sokaris
PerformersDevaki Sokaris - vocals, fingerstyle guitar
Patanjali Sokaris - mandolin
Audio recording, mixing and masteringPatanjali Sokaris
Video recording and editingPatanjali Sokaris
Website and graphic designPatanjali Sokaris

^ From the songwriter

I originally wrote Still Waters in 2006. I visited it for a 2013 recording and didn’t like the original arrangement, so I messed with it a lot and it came together very quickly.

I knew the arrangement needed to be simple and intimate. I am at my happiest recording stripped down songs like this, but know that all arrangements won’t be the same as some songs need more, but I will definately write more like this.

It lended towards a folk-bluegrassy sound, so we decided to record it live together in the studio with myself on guitar and vocals, and Patanjali on the mandolin. Anything else would have taken it into another realm we didn’t want.

We enjoyed recording it this way and were happy with the end result, so we plan to do more like this. The interaction is different between us when we play at the same time.

^ Lyrics

Lyrics to Still Waters. ©2013 Devaki Sokaris.

It’s been hard to let you go
Still I wouldn’t change a thing
Those moments made us grow
I hope you’ll always know
How much you mean to me

Many things have been learnt
And many things have hurt
When you think about love
You will know

Still waters wait where emotions rise
After the storm ends we will be
I can see the hurt in your eyes
Oh it’s hard but it will get better in time
And some day still waters will rise over us

I hold you here in my heart
And I won’t ever forget you
Its time to live life apart
One day you’ll understand
Love isn’t always that kind

I don’t know how long its gonna take
There’s so much I don’t know about
I wonder what’s at stake
But one thing I know for sure
I’m not looking for a wrong road out.

^ Making of

Here's what went into making Still Waters.

The instruments we used were:

The microphones we used were:

The camera used was a Panasonic HDC-HS700 camcorder.

The software we used for recording and processing was:

All audio was recorded and processed at 192k, 24bit, and finalised at:

  • Audio - 44.1k, 16bit
  • Video - 48k, 16bit.

All video was recorded and edited at 1920x1080, 50fps, and finalised at 1920x1080, 25fps.

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