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About DevaKnighT

by Devaki Sokaris

We are a husband and wife music duo, weaving folk with pop and a hint of country.

I am a singer-songwriter and play finger style and rhythm guitar. I have been playing and writing songs since 2001.

Patanjali is a studio engineer and has been recording, mixing and mastering music since 2001. In March 2012, he became interested in playing guitar, and from there it led to bass guitar and mandolin.

After this we decided to collaborate and become a duo. Until then I was a solo artist working under my own name (See

^ Influences

Although we both grew up around the same era, our musical tastes and influences are different.

I listen to folk, pop, country, jazz along with current artists. I have always had a love for jazz standards, soul and blues and even though it isn’t my particular style it has subtly influenced the music.

Patanjali likes more of the retro music genres, specifically the 60s, with bands and artists like The Who, Yardbirds and Cat Stevens, but does listen to some current artists. He does have a few 60 pop collection CDs!

We are both co-producers and all music is recorded mixed and mastered in our home recording studio. Currently we reside in Sydney Australia.

^ Genre = Folk + ??

We are not pure to any genre. We prefer not to put ourselves in a tight box. There are many influences in the music, with folk generally being the stronger, but anything can happen. It just depends on the song.

^ We sound like …

With so many influences in my music, there are several musicians who we may remind you of.

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