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1y 01 - Wrong Road Out
Wrong Road Out - as performed by DevaKnighT, is an intimate laid-back folk song with a pop feel. Released 2013-09-09.
1y 02 - Still Waters
Still Waters - as performed by DevaKnighT, is americana that goes back to the heart of country, but has influences of folk and bluegrass with modern day lyrics. Released 2013-09-27.
1y 03 - I’ve Been Here Before
I’ve Been Here Before - as performed by DevaKnighT, is a folky and chill-out dreamy-feel song that will leave you feeling relaxed. Released 2013-10-30.
1y 04 - Just Because You’re You
Just Because You’re You - as performed by DevaKnighT, is a gentle dreamy folk song. Released 2013-12-31.

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